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  • Home System

    AnteAGE Home Microneedling Kit


    The AnteAGE Home Microneedling System is an innovation in natural, healthy facial skin rejuvenation that utilizes stem cell growth factors to give skin a youthful appearance. The system contains two products; AnteAGE Microneedling Solution (Hyaluronic Acid and Bone Marrow Stem Cell-derived Growth Factors), and a micro derma roller (.25 mm). These two products work together to reactivate the body’s natural regenerative properties and reveal more youthful skin.

  • Hair Growth

    AnteAGE MD Home Hair needling Kit


    The AnteAGE MD Home Hair System is a breakthrough in the promotion of natural, healthy hair growth – without surgery or hormonal side effects.
    This kit is a great way to hack your hair growth by awakening the sleeping stem cells inside the hair follicle, returning them to a more youthful and active growth pattern.AnteAGE Hair Serum uses WNT1 stem cytokines, polybotanicals, and a cocktail of natural stimulants to overcome the quiescence of hair follicle stem cells. When applied regularly, these pure isoflavones will create an optimal environment for growth cycles. The application of Hair Serum comes with a handheld dermal needling device to enhance product penetration and a thickening brush to gently stimulate follicles.

  • Home System

    AnteAge MD System

    AnteAGE® MD System has proven anti-aging, pro-healing and anti- inflammatory benefits. With daily use, it improves the health and appearance of skin at any age

  • Body Cream

    ENVIRON Body Kit


    Contains antioxidants that assist in shielding the skin from harmful environmental influences
    – Helps to nourish and condition the skin, leaving the skin looking soft and supple
    – Assists in improving the appearance of fine lines, uneven skin tone and sun damaged skin resulting in an overall radiance
    – Helps to soften rough calloused elbows, heels and feet by moisturizing the skin

  • Home System

    Environ Focus Care Radiance+ Set for Pigmentation

    $274.00 $253.00

    Environ is taking on the fight against skin pigmentation with the Focus Care Radiance+ Range, which boasts powerhouse formulations containing intelligent ingredient combinations that give your skin exactly what it needs to look more even-toned and radiant

  • Home System

    Environ Focus Care™ Clarity+ Range Set for Problematic skin

    $242.00 $223.00

    The Clarity+ Range is an innovative 3-phase system offering a complete skincare solution that is tough on breakouts but easy on skin. Each phase contains products that have been specifically formulated to help target the root causes of breakouts by giving your client’s skin exactly what it needs where it needs it most

  • Moisturizers

    ENVIRON Youth Essiantia Kit #1


    The C-Quence #1 kit is an advanced introduction to Environ’s effective moisturizing range. Designed for a mature skin showing the signs of photo-damage and aging, the C-Quence track kits will quickly acclimate your skin to the more advanced Environ Step-up Program

  • Home System

    Stem Cell Facial Home System


    The Stem Cell Facial to Glow has everything your clients need to maintain their skin health while social distancing. We have created this kit in a way that allows you, their provider, to walk them through a facial at home remotely one-on-one or in a group.

  • Body Cream

    Ultimate Body Toning Kit


    -Powerful complex of intelligent ingredients helps assist in improving the appearance of dimpled and uneven textured skin while nourishing for a silky soft after feeling.

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